Big Cypress NP(Cont.)

The following images were taken from a boardwalk near the Oasis Visitor Center, Big Cypress National Preserve. The boardwalk faces a canal and provides an excellent venue for viewing some of the native wildlife of the preserve. Few visitor centers in the nation provide such ready made opportunity observe these exotic and exciting creatures in their native habitat.

American Alligator basking.

Big fella resting after a hard night killing, eating stuff.

Floater: happens in the best of families.

Gator all curled up and comfy.

Green egrets can look really stealthy and predatory: or really dorky, as in this exposure.

American Alligator under way; note the bow wave.

Florida Soft-shelled Turtle(Apalone ferox). It was very exciting to see this unusual turtle swimming in the canal among lots of alligator: they even lay their eggs in gator nests, and seem to get along well in the presence of alligators.

Published by sabaiedmsncom

I am a former park ranger, and coastal dune preserve manager, now retired and photographing the places that suit my wanderlust. I usually have a general idea of where I want to travel to, but once on the road I just follow my nose: it seldom steers me wrong.

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