Big Cypress NM(cont.)

I was advised to visit Sweetwater Strand on the Monroe Loop Road to see birds. The “Strand” turned out to be a capital location for birds, reptiles and mammals!

The Big Cypress fox squirrel (Sciurus niger avicennia). At Sweetwater Strand. This individual and I had a stare-off: it seemed to be in the game for the duration.

Fat Boy/Girl chilling on the river bank: only the eyes were active, and not very much at that.

Gator with friend: hermit crab on snout. Expand image to see hermit crab.

Green Heron stalking, foraging, foraging, sleuthing, investigating, hunting, goofing off, geeking, folio round.

Bald Cypress knees. Nobody knows for sure, exactly what function, if any, these structures serve.

American White Ibis(Eudocimus albus) foraging on Sweetwater Creek, looking for invertebrates.

Sweetwater Creek on a warm, sultry afternoon.

End of Big Cypress blog.

Published by sabaiedmsncom

I am a former park ranger, and coastal dune preserve manager, now retired and photographing the places that suit my wanderlust. I usually have a general idea of where I want to travel to, but once on the road I just follow my nose: it seldom steers me wrong.

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