Grand Staircase Escalante NM, Dixie National Forest, Utah

My last visit on an aborted anti-clockwise road trip around the US, was in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest, Escalante Ranger District in Utah. I was lucky to stay in Escalante at an RV park in an overflow camp site next to the playground structure, the laundry room, showers and bathrooms: convenient, but noisy.

Prominent spire on Spanish Flat road in Grand Staircase Escalante NM, just a few miles off Scenic Highway 12, near the Big Bend between Escalante and and Boulder. This is an area where dispersed camping is allowed in designated sites.

Dixie National Forest, looking east from Scenic Highway 12 between Torrey, and Boulder, Utah. At this elevation (approximately 8.5K’) and date (late May), spring was just barely showing on the aspens at the lower part of the frame.

Aquarius Plateau accessed from the Main Canyon Road just east of Escalante and Dixie National Forest Road 140. I didn’t see another human being for several hours while traversing road 140! A few weeks later, the Aquarius Plateau will be carpeted with wildflowers.

Sub alpine meadow on the Aquarius Plateau with patches of snow in the shadows. Traveling north on Dixie National Forest Road 140, I reached the 10,600 foot elevation!

Aspens just recently leafing out on USFS Road 140.

A water tolerant Daisy struggling to survive in the near freezing nights of the Aquarius Plateau.

Sky Island of Alpine Firs and Aspen topped with a billowy cloud layer.

Cyclone Lake about a mile south from the junction of USFS Roads 140 & 154.

Posey Lake, south of Cyclone Lake on USFS Road 154, taken from Posey Lake Campground. I was asked by a knucklehead (who had seen my California tags) how I felt since being let out of prison by California Governor Newsome. As I inched closer to the man, I told him (a lie) that I had been on the road for several months after visiting friends in New York City. He couldn’t get away from me faster!

Selfie in a subalpine meadow.

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I am a former park ranger, and coastal dune preserve manager, now retired and photographing the places that suit my wanderlust. I usually have a general idea of where I want to travel to, but once on the road I just follow my nose: it seldom steers me wrong.

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