Patagonia Lake State Park, Arizona

Patagonia Lake State Park is in southern Arizona about 9 miles northeast of Nogales. The lake is popular with fishers and birders. A cool birding trail near the east end of the lake has benches named after the birds that are often seen close by. Blue-grey Knatcatcher(Polioptila cerulean) on the birding trail. Beautiful bird, no?Continue reading “Patagonia Lake State Park, Arizona”

Terlingua, Texas Eclectic Chihuahuan Oasis

Terlingua is west of Big Bend National Park in West Texas. It is populated by people that shun city life and sequester themselves in a place few people would venture to in the triple digit heat of the Chihuahuan Desert. This flyer was posted on a bulletin board at the Terlingua Post Office: an eventContinue reading “Terlingua, Texas Eclectic Chihuahuan Oasis”

Big Bend National Park 2020 continued

The last blog included information about the wildlife I photographed and my images from my hike up the Marufa Vega Trail. This final installment of Big Bend NP will have pictures of the Pinnacles Trail and a visit to Boquillas, Mexico, just across the Rio Grande River from a location near the campground that IContinue reading “Big Bend National Park 2020 continued”

Big Bend National Park, Texas

I needed to go somewhere that was not very cold for a change. So from Aguirre Springs Campground, in New Mexico, I headed south to Big Bend National Park in West Texas, where it was not likely to have freezing temps, where there are hiking trails, wildlife and the spectacular Chisos Mountains. Critters: Big bendContinue reading “Big Bend National Park, Texas”

Organ Mountain National Recreation Area(OMNRA)

I camped at Aguirre Springs Campground, ten milres east of LasCruces, NM  from the 24th-28th of February. The campground is located in the eastern slope of the Organ Mountains, decorated with the towering spires of the “organ pipes” of the so named range. Aguirre  Campground is blessed a great many camp sites with prrecious fewContinue reading “Organ Mountain National Recreation Area(OMNRA)”

Mexican Grey Wolf Conclusion

In the epilogue of the Bobbie Holaday book: The Return of the Mexican Grey Wolf: Back to the Blue, Bobbie stated that one of the people that killed one of the wolves was brought to justice. Through the inspired work by the US Fish and Wildlife law enforcement/investigation unit and their forensic lab in Ashland,Continue reading “Mexican Grey Wolf Conclusion”