Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness(last blog)

Images of my hike out of the John Muir Wilderness on the Cottonwood Lakes Trail. The lake pictured is about 4 miles up the Cottonwood Lakes Trail from the trailhead in Horseshoe Meadow but has no name that I can find: it may be a seasonal lake dependent on snow/rainfall. Typical appearance of the trailContinue reading “Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness(last blog)”

Backpacking in the John Muir Wilderness(Cont 3)

My last day hike in the JMW was up to Cirque Lake: a cirque is a glacial carved, amphitheater like depression, typically characterized by a moraine, or a pile of glacial debris piled up at the base of the glacier. This is not really a textbook cirque, but it is, none the less a lakeContinue reading “Backpacking in the John Muir Wilderness(Cont 3)”

Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness(Cont 2)

On my third day in the JMW, I hiked up to the Cottonwood Lakes, a popular destination for day hikers and backpackers. There are a total of six Cottonwood Lakes in the Cottonwood Creek drainage are but I only visited four of the six in a 4 mile day hike, which was quite enough forContinue reading “Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness(Cont 2)”

Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness(Cont)

After a 5 mile, 1,000′ elevation gain I arrived at South Fork Lake, where I established a base camp. From here, I would take day hikes to a number of other lakes in the area including South Fork Lake 2, Cottonwood Lakes, and Cirque Lake. The air was blessedly clear of smoke from about midnightContinue reading “Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness(Cont)”

Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness

My backpacking trip into the John Muir Wilderness was my first in 20 years, and only made possible because I lost 60 pounds through the Veterans Administration MOVE program(Motivate Overweight Veterans Everywhere). I started my tramp at Horseshoe Meadows at 10,000′ in the Inyo National Forest, located in California’s Eastern Sierra. My first days hikeContinue reading “Backpacking into the John Muir Wilderness”

Grand Staircase Escalante NM, Dixie National Forest, Utah

My last visit on an aborted anti-clockwise road trip around the US, was in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest, Escalante Ranger District in Utah. I was lucky to stay in Escalante at an RV park in an overflow camp site next to the playground structure, the laundry room, showers andContinue reading “Grand Staircase Escalante NM, Dixie National Forest, Utah”